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2019 Conference
Frequently Asked Questions

Why is there a registration fee to attend

Most associations like to hold conferences or conventions. In AA, however, a conference or convention is an important opportunity to share the AA experience in a broad way.

There are many AA conferences, and conferences hosted by AA members, that are held around the world. One of the most common misconceptions about these gatherings is that they are AA meetings, and since there are no dues or fees for AA membership, there should be no fees to attend.

Conferences and conventions are special events, not regular meetings. They require months of planning, preparation, and money to present. Since most events are held in hotels or convention centers, there is a charge for use of the facilities. Along with this charge, the facility will require that the group purchase food and coffee. Other expenses include travel and lodging for the speakers, printing of flyers and schedules, postage, and supplies. A large event requires a substantial amount of money.

This convention is self-supporting. No group monies are used to pay for this event, nor do we accept outside contributions or donations of any kind. No baskets are passed. The cost of the event is paid through the registration fees. The ideal goal for any such event is to break even, therefore the registration fee is modest compared to a weekend’s worth of entertainment elsewhere. Attendance is voluntary and as responsible AA members, we pay our own way.

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Can we purchase registrations at the door

Yes registrations but meals may not be available for purchase.

Will there be shirts and hoodies being sold at the conference

Yes we will have a select few on hand but can special order them if we do not have your size available.

Is there special rates for hotel rooms at the laquinta inn

Yes but you will need to let them know at the front desk or when you call to register.

I registered on line and forgot to purchase the dance and a T-shirt are they available at the conference to purchase

Yes they will be available to purchase but you could also purchase them online Here.

Does the blending of time offer scholarships to those who can't afford to go

We do not offer scholarships but there are a few members who have donated registrations to those who can not afford one.

How can i be of service at the conference

We are always looking for volunteers please visit the website and go to the service tab and submit the form let us know what you'd like to help with.

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"Design for Living"

Feb. 22 - 24, 2019

The Blending of Time 2019 Schedule

Questions: Brandon M. 253-320-0133 or Jeffery R. 253-228-2149