The only conference of its type on the west coast, where every alcoholic who attends has an opportunity to participate. Speaker panels are broken out by 0-10 years, 11-20 years, 21-30 years, and 31-100 years of sobriety. Each panelist speaks for five minutes about their experience, strength, and hope. Panelists are chosen by the date their registration is received.

It is our goal to find and bring to you the experience, strength, and hope of many decades of sobriety. This sharing helps newcomer and old-timer struggling with alcoholism, to know that living this new way of life is more than just possible, it is enjoyable.

Meet the Speakers 2023

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Meet the Speakers Dinner

Plan to attend the “Meet the Speakers Dinner” on Feb 22, 2024

Emmanuel Lutheran Church 1315 N Stevens St., Tacoma WA 98406
Main dish will be:
Smoked Brisket & Vegetarian options are available Desert Potluck

Keynote Speakers:

AltTextJohn E. - Nashville, TN

AltTextMarion M. - FL

AltTextMike B. - Hillsville, VA

Local Speakers:

AltTextCrystal S. - WA

AltTextJacob O. - WA


AltTextStephen R. - FL

Additional speakers to be announced as they become available.
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February 22-25, 2024

The Blending of Time Schedule 2024

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Questions: Dan S. 253-228-8605